Digital Media Marketing

Your Social Status!

CSPR learns your company's goals and objectives to best connect with your target audience, establish loyalty, and drive donors. It can be difficult to gauge how big of a wave you’re making on the web, but at CSPR we’ll help you Facebook, Tweet, Pinterest, and Instagram with purpose to establish yourself as an industry expert with brand consistency. 

Digtial Media

Editorial Strategy: Not sure when to post blogs or when to write a quippy tweet? We’ll develop an editorial strategy that will help you plan the peak times to reach your audience and cultivate your unique online presence.

Custom Content Creation: Knowing the core audience of your story is key, so CSPR crafts custom social media posts that will have your company’s buzz spreading like wild fire. No carbon copy social media posts here! We’ll show you just how to turn your online brand into revenue while showing off your individuality while increasing your brand visibility.  

Blog Management: Like Big Brother, we’ll always watching and handling your blog and its content with care. That way your customers can always count on you to be up- to- date and in the know.

Website Solutions

Strategic Planning: We’ll work with you to create an attack plan so that your website reaches the masses in droves. No click-bait material here, just long-lasting results with customers who are passionate about your brand. From first concepts to the moment your site launches to the world, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan to get you up and running on the web.  Already there? We will optimize content and SEO to turn your web investment into impressive revenue that will keep you on the top of your industry. 

Innovative Design: Together we will design a website that represents the heart of your company, blending classic functionality and designer vision, we will craft a site that will leave clients in awe.

Content Management: Your company’s website is the first impression potential clients will have of you, so make it count! We at CSPR are experts at creating diverse website content that will intrigue and retain your audience. So if you hate blogging or content creation, don’t stress, we’ll take care of the rest.

Proactive Maintenance: If your server crashes or a bug sneaks into your system, our trained team will handle the issue swiftly before it ever becomes a catastrophe. 

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  • Charlene Shirk

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