Public Relations & Marketing

Creative Content

At CSPR we’re strong believers in blending classic content writing with new-age media to craft the most effective story your brand can tell. Whether its radio, television, or a strategic blogging campaign, we’ll help polish and share your mission with the world.

Strategic Content Calendars

Profound content is the heart and soul of any successful marketing campaign. At CSPR we strategically plan how to optimize the reach of your story by crafting an engaging content calendar with consistent branding to show how your unique story unfolds.

Crisis Communications Plan

Plan A- Plan B- PLAN C! If disaster strikes, we’ll have a plan to keep you safe and secure. With CSPR handling your company’s exposure, there is no need to stress over potential PR pitfalls., We’ll calculate for potential hurdles and be ready to strike back with a plan.  With our team, well- trained in crisis management, you’ll not only have a Plan B, you’ll have Plan C.

Brand Development

Share your story with us and together we’ll help position your brand as an expert in your industry. CSPR creates a strategic development plan to present you to the world, and we ensure your NEW customers become life-long fans.

Creative Logo & Tagline Options

Expand your brand, that’s OUR plan! Whether it be writing a snappy slogan or designing a logo that illustrates your company’s spirit, at CSPR we’re experts at capturing and sharing your heart with the world.

  • Charlene Shirk
  • Charlene Shirk

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