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Do We Really Need a Another Blogger?

So here it is, I am writing my first blog ever, of course the first thing I wonder is, does the world really need another blog.  But then again that’s the same reasoning that consoles me for not writing the book that’s been rolling around in my head for decades.

So as a former journalist, the first thing I did was research what makes a good blog or blogger.  I quickly learned that a blog is not the free flow of thought, opinions or ideas I thought.  There are a lot of rules.  Apparently it’s all about your blog being found on the internet and being easy to scan, because according to these sites, an internet reader has less attention span that a television viewer.

I don’t know if I believe that, I have wasted perfectly good hours on the Internet reading and learning about things that I never would have sat through and watched if something better was on TV.

Also, lists and using italics or bold letters to catch your attention is also highly recommended.  Somewhere on that list, and yes the articles about putting “lists” in your blog, all had “lists.” Anyway, somewhere lower on those lists was content.  Personally I think content should have been on the top of the list, but then again, content isn’t at the top of this blog so maybe I am well on my way!

So here is why I am starting up my blog, I have had an extremely interesting and life changing couple of years.  Notice how I used the bold AND italics!! 

I won’t go into it all right here and now, but suffice to say these past few years have resulted in me making some major life changes.  Not all of them easy, heck none were easy to start, but I am very excited about the direction these changes are taking me.  My ultimate hope is that these changes have brought me right where I am supposed to be, exactly when I am supposed to be here.

If you are reading this blog on my website then you can see I have started my own business.  Funny, when I tell friends and acquaintances what I am up to these days, none seem surprised, in fact they say, “That’s a perfect fit for you.”  Hmmm, why is it we are often the last in line to see what is best for us.  I also recently got married Whoo Hoo!  If you knew that I was in my 40’s you would better appreciate the enthusiasm behind that Whoo Hoo!  So to all the people who told me I was being too picky; you were wrong!  I was just picky enough and found an amazing partner, or maybe he found me, we are just glad we did find each other. (Let me also mention he is as handsome as he is good hearted.  Oh Yeah!

So the blog police say this is not supposed to be too long (or too short) so I will wrap up my first foray into the blogosphere and thank you for being a part of another first for me.  Look out for my next blog where I will:

1)   Tell you more exciting details about C Shirk Productions and what projects are in the pipeline.  You can also follow on Face Book at C Shirk Productions, please "Like" us!

2)   Share some of the background on how C Shirk Productions came about and the amazing women across the country who inspired me to finally do what others say I should have done long ago!

3)   Offer some thoughts on the fall fundraising season and what events and causes I would suggest you put on your calendars!

4)   And finally come up with another list that the blog experts say is a must in any good blog!

Thanks again and have a radiant week!  (There is a story behind that saying that I will share in some future blog!!)

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